Engaging Your Resort in Avalanche Education

Since its founding, the BRASS Avalanche Safety Foundation has reached thousands with its message of avalanche safety. As a ski and snowboard resort operator, how does that impact you? How can BRASS help you to educate your staff on how to be better prepared on piste and off?

BRASS is offering its online education models free and to National Ski Area Association member resorts and other industry partners to spread the word on avalanche safety. Here are a few simple ways you, as a ski and snowboard resort operator, can make a difference in spreading the word on avalanche safety.

  1. One of the easiest ways to impact your employees is by simply showing the 13-minute Off Piste film at employee onboarding or other training. You can download it free right here.
  2. Engage your employees with the BRASS Avalanche Safety Online - it's free to any NSAA resort operators from BRASS. The “Introduction to Avalanche Awareness” module provides a simple background on the types of avalanches and how they are created. “We Can Manage Our Risk” speaks to basic steps for being outdoors in snow from the basic gear to understanding where to go and where not to go. It's a simple online education tool you can distribute via email to employees.
  3. Give a workshop using the turnkey BRASS 101 curriculum presented by an avalanche knowledgeable member of your patrol staff or your regional avalanche center. BRASS will provide visual presentation materials and the curriculum.

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