Cindy Berlack presenting BRASS 101 at Burke Mountain Academy

Basic knowledge of avalanche danger is vital for all skiers and snowboarders. The Bryce and Ronnie Snow Safety Foundation has created BRASS 101 as an introductory program designed specifically for schools and ski clubs to provide the basics of avalanche safety awareness. Thousands have participated in BRASS 101 workshops since its inception in 2017.

BRASS 101 features a standard curriculum and materials which can be presented to local schools and clubs. The program is provided free by BRASS to expand awareness at grassroots levels. It was designed to highlight the basics of avalanche education, with a turnkey curriculum that could be delivered by local presenters. It’s most impactful component is the 13-minute film, Off Piste, which features a poignant re-creation of the accident.

With support grants from industry companies like Blizzard-Technica, BRASS developed a program using the film Off Piste as its base and expanding upon the five key safety points outlined in the popular Know Before You Go safety program.

The program began in earnest in the winter of 2017-18 with ski clubs and academies. The next winter it branched out to high schools across New England. At the same time, Cindy’s husband, Steve, who grew up in Wellesley, Mass. and has been a longtime coach at Burke Mountain Academy, began presenting a version of the BRASS 101 program at ski races and camps across the country, reaching thousands more young racers.

What is BRASS 101?

  • 60-90 minute local workshop on avalanche safety
  • Turnkey materials provided by BRASS and given by local presenter
  • Showing of acclaimed BRASS film Off Piste
  • Introduction to avalanche safety featuring the Know Before You Go safety program
  • Hands-on with avalanche safety equipment

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